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Owner Operator Tanker Package

Benefits & Requirements.

Below is our Owner Operator Package and includes the required information for both the driver and tractor. In order to process your application as quickly as possible, it must be completed in full including the work history portion of the application with periods of unemployment accounted for (month and year), and must be accompanied by the following information and documentation:


  • Copy of Current Driver’s Licence
  • 2 years of verifiable experience and be at least 25 years of age (insurance purposes)
  • Copy of FAST Card and or CDN Passport (or must be eligible to obtain one)
  • Driver’s Abstract (current to 30 days)
  • C.V.O.R. (current to 30 days)
  • Criminal Record Search (current to 30 days)
  • Copy of valid MTO Medical
  • Copy of proof of citizenship (i.e. Passport, Birth Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship)


We require all tractors to be eight (8) years or newer and be inspected to ensure that your tractor is compliant with our safety standards. Should it not be, we will advise of the repairs required.

  • Copy of current registration
  • Copy of Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement
  • Copy of valid Annual Inspection (inspection date must be legible)
  • Copy of valid E-test
  • Copy of Speed Limiter
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • Copy of your letter of authorization
  • WSIB Certificate Number
  • Copy of CAT scale ticket for weight with full fuel and gear

Owner Operator Highlights.


  • 19,500 lbs max weight full of fuel and gear
  • Maximum 5th wheel height of 48”
  • No paint policy

Cooney Pays For:

  • Rates in Metric Ton
  • Mileage and Hourly Rates for loaded and empty moves (based on latest version of PC Miler)
  • All Licensing Fees
  • Company Decals (Special Orders at your expense)
  • Fuel Tax, Permits (HVUT), Tolls, Bridge Crossings, and Transponders
  • PeopleNet Satellite, EOBR Installation and Monthly Fee
  • All other “OTR” expenses (fax, scales, etc.)
  • PTO Blower (Company will own all equipment related to your PTO Blower)

Owner Operator Pays For:

  • Insurance – Auto, Cargo, and Liability insurance deductibles will remain @ $2,500.00 per occurrence with the primary policy remaining at a $10,000.00 limit.  Insurance based on gross revenue will be charged at 2.5%
  • Buy Down and WSIB replacement insurance must be purchased through company approved providers. Buy Down cost: $136.00 per month – THIS IS A MANDATORY COST
  • WSIB Replacement: $124.31 (single), $137.99 (family) per month – THIS IS A MANDATORY COST
  • Full PTO Blower Installation costs (Company can assist in financing if needed)

Additional Benefits:

  • Montreal/Belleville/Brantford Terminal & all Card-Lock Fuel/DEF: Capped at 74.9¢/L + taxes
  • Dedicated Dispatch and Safety Department – on call 24 hours per day
  • Dedicated Tank
  • Equipment that is properly maintained and clean


*Tanker Rates and pay package details are separate from this; please see Adam Cooney - (…for budgeting purposes, you can expect to generate $4000-$5000 per week, depending on where you’re based and type of runs).


Waiting & Delay Time: Applicable only if the proper procedures are followed.

Delay at Customer: Delays of more than 1 hour for loading and 2 hours unloading will be eligible for waiting/delay rate of $45.00/hour ($65.00/hour in GTA).

Mechanical Failure (Trailers Only): Delays of more than 2 hours for mechanical failure of the company’s equipment, not caused by operator error or negligence, will be compensated at a rate of $45.00/hour to a maximum rate of $200.00 for 24 hours.

Delay at Customs/DOT/MTO: Delays of more than 2 hours at Customs or DOT/MTO inspections due to paperwork, congestion, cargo or equipment issues, not caused by operator error or negligence, will be compensated at a rate of $45.00/hour to a maximum rate of $250.00 for 24 hours.

Payroll Information

  • Bi-Weekly payroll through direct deposit into a Canadian Banking Institution of Owner Operator’s choice
  • Pay Summary Statement will be mailed to the Owner Operator
  • All paperwork must be submitted on a timely basis to any of our terminals
  • Holdback deductions of $250.00 per pay until $3,000.00 have accrued (12 Pay Periods)


  • Auto, cargo, and liability insurance deductibles will be $2,500.00 per occurrence with the primary policy remaining at a $10,000.00 limit
  • Insurance based on gross revenue will be charged at 2.5%
  • Buy Down & WSIB Insurance  has already been applied above

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